Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Top Digital Tools for Virtual Teams

Just because you're situated in one time zone and your associate is halfway around the world doesn't mean you can't get business done. We are truly in an age of instant global interaction. Everything from a conference call to design planning to video chat sessions can be conducted through cyberspace. Here are some terrific digital tools for virtual teams:


Before you can set up that cross-country meeting you need to know when everyone on your team will be available. 

Doodle lets you survey the group for the best time and day for a meeting. You don't have to register with Doodle and you can get it up and running in a few mouse clicks. 

Timebridge takes virtual scheduling to the next level by letting you set the best time but also an agenda, action items and allows for notes. If you'll be using audio-conferencing then Timebridge lets you attach the numbers via

Working Together

Once the meeting has been set, you might find he need to go over documents together or brainstorm in a creative session. To accomplish that you'll need to create a virtual environment where you can share a "cyber whiteboard" along with the ability to chat in real time. Here are some wonderful collaboration tools: lets you have an ongoing teleconference while sharing desktop documents or programs.

Speek is a 100% online conference without a phone number or pin. Team members will go to a designated link to join in the call. There is even an option to send a text to that link and get in on the discussion.

MeetingSamurai sets up a virtual version of a board meeting that offers terrific note-taking features. You'll be able to vote on measures and then "park" agenda items to deal with later. All of this plays out for all the participants to view in real time.

Google Drive was formally known as Google Docs and is a very popular option among business professionals. What many users don't even realize is that there is a chat feature which is perfect for conference calls. This is great for those much-needed brainstorming creative sessions.

ConferencePad is perfect for the iPad users on your team who want to opt for remote collaboration. With this app you'll be able to view and make notes on any document presented to the logged in team. Even if you're in the same conference you can plug into this app and forego all the cumbersome power point presentation equipment. Everyone can just look at their pads!

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