Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What to look for when hiring a salesperson

In today’s competitive business environment, generating sales is absolutely essential for any small business. With a worldwide chaotic economy, making sure that you're generating strong sales is critical to your company’s survival. Companies have failed because they have a poorly executed sales plan. Marketing can drive brand awareness, but to generate sales revenue, you need to build a strong sales team.

So, how would you build a strong sales team? What are the qualities that you should look for when evaluating a potential sales recruit? To answer these questions, many sales managers agree that the top three qualities that are top predictors of success in a salesperson are:

• Passion
• Learning
• Drive

The salesperson’s attitude and passion

The first quality to look for is to find recruits who have a passion for sales. Sales is a hard job and the ones who succeed are those who consider the position more than just a job. Highly successful sales people tend to view their position as problem solvers, as opposed to just a salesperson. These people will go out of their way to build relationships with clients and work hard to solve their clients’ problems. A passionate sales team who are committed to making an impact on their customers make it easier to grow your business. By finding people who have a desire to be in sales, those who believe in helping people, you will be ahead of the game than the companies who hire sales recruits who are looking for a job.

Always willing to learn

A good sales person always tries to improve themselves. Look for those who have taken certifications, classes, seminars that help them improve their knowledge in the sales industry. They pay close attention to new ways to approach clients, cold call tactics, client relations and any other skills that help them become better salespeople. Top salespeople always look for a better way – taking the best and adopting the lessons that work.

Look for motivation or drive

Like any superstar, top performers work hard. They stay back an extra hour, making the extra cold call or setting an appointment. They make sure that the product is delivered and the client is happy. In short, they do whatever it takes to get to the top.

When creating a sales team - if you make the wrong hire it can hinder your sales progress. However, by hiring the right people you will be able to supercharging your company’s success.