Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Land a Celebrity Client

We live in the age of the celebrity. Although it can be dicey to align your company with a star only to have them implode, for the most part a celebrity endorsement can provide a solid boost for your bottom line.

If you provide your product or service to a celebrity and they later tweet about it or promote it on a talk show you've hit the jackpot. Think of this as an "bonus promotion." 

How can you land a celebrity client? 

Consider these insider tips: 

Work the referral.

Success in business requires hard work but it could also help if you know the right people. That is especially true when it comes to gaining access to a celebrity. If you take aim directly at the star you won't get very far. However, if you can find out who represents them or manages their business affairs you could find an in that way. You'll be on much stronger ground if you can work a referral as opposed to cold calling a star.

Be prepared to do the end run.

Depending on the celebrity, they could have several layers of "protection" in the form of an entourage. This could mean a whole gaggle of assistants, drivers and even bodyguards which will keep you from direct access. There are always ways around these walls. For one, you can try to befriend some of the support staff. If you're trying to connect with an agent or manager, try calling at off hours when you can go shoot through an inner office phone directory. You might get lucky if that person answers their own phone!

Make your own brand a happening brand.

Don't stake your entire business on a free celebrity endorsement. As mentioned, that is bonus but you can get there by making your product a "must have." This could mean providing items for award show gift bags. It's an investment but it can get your product directly into the hands of the celebrity.

Always be kind.

Once you've gained access you'll want to thank the people who got your there. Make yourself available to the staff for further special orders. Don't hesitate to send them a gift as a way of saying "thank you."

Create a great website and online profile.

Suppose you're selling a cool new boot and you want to attract a celebrity. Think about what appeals to them. They might end up doing a little research on your company before accepting a product. That's why your website should be current.  Make sure that your website tells your brand story well. Use videos, blogs and social media to communicate your message.