Tuesday, March 27, 2012

15 Great Guerilla Marketing Ideas for Startups

The term ‘guerilla filmmaking’ refers to creating a film or video with the barest of resources. That same principle applies to guerilla marketing. This is where a small business can latch onto a simple idea to get the word out about their goods or services. Startups benefit the most from a positive guerilla marketing campaign because of their potential to generate a “big splash” without huge marketing dollars. Here are 15 great guerilla marketing ideas for startups:

1) Put Themes to Work: Anything from special sales to in-store displays can attract more attention when you apply a theme to the event. While the seasons and holidays are good starting point, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box like a “Christmas in July Sale.”

2) Reward Loyal Customers: Handing out a discount coupon to loyal customers will not only generate more of their business but will help get the word out to other potential customers.

3) Start a Blog with Unique Content: If you’re in business, you need a website and that website has to be refreshed with great content. Start a blog and give visitors something new to read or comment on every day.

4) Go with a Viral Video: If you can find a way to get the word out about your product with a video that can go viral you’ll be in a strong position to capitalize on that. Try hiring a young team of college film students and make it funny.

5) Pass out Swag: Sure you can print your company logo on a pen and pass those out but that’s also a bit of a cliché. Today, you can print your logo on just about anything. What can your customers really benefit from? Cup cozies? Cupcakes? Remember you want to create a buzz.

6) Build up your Twitter Network: Encourage customers to follow your company on twitter then use that network to advertise special sales or deals.

7) Switch out your Phone Message: Forget the boring, “We’re not here right now”, swap it out for something fun like, “We’re unpacking product for our next sale.” Make it personal.

8) Ask for Testimonials: If you’ve got happy customers ask them to share their experiences on your website or Facebook page (yes, get one of those too!). New customers like reading positive reviews.

9) Improve Customer Relations: Offer your employees incentives for the most positive customer reviews. When you create a great experience for customers they will keep coming back.

10) Sponsor an Amateur Sports Team: You can’t ask for better community relations than sponsoring a local sports team or two. Just make sure you get your company logo on all the team uniforms.

11) Support a Local Cause: Another way to make a positive impact in the community is to sponsor a local cause. Keep your giving in the neighborhood where you’re customers will see the efforts directly.

12) Use Texts: As with other forms of social media networking, text messages are a great way to remind your customers of special sales or a pick up appointment.

13) Flyers: A slick looking flyer is a great way to generate business. Make sure you have a coupon on the flyer to track their effectiveness and give the person a reason to hold onto that.

14) Make it Personal: If you can find a way to tell your family business story through a local newspaper profile or video then you’ll reach a lot more potential customers by relating to their own struggles.

15) Create a Publicity Stunt: Don’t go too overboard, but even having someone dress up in a chicken outfit to pass out coupons in front of your store can draw attention. It would be especially funny if your store had nothing to do with chickens!