Thursday, March 14, 2013

Write an eBook and Promote Your Brand

If there is one thing folks like getting it is something for free. Whether that's a food sample at a grocery store or free shipping, freebies are a decent way to build up customer loyalty and increase sales. It might seem odd to make money by giving away stuff but that is often the case.

With an online business it's challenging to come up with that free item to attract customers. However, there is one item that could be a big benefit to your company and your brand. That would be an eBook.

An eBook is probably better thought of as a self-published extended pamphlet. Most business eBooks are anywhere between 10 to 50 pages and contain plenty of graphics and photos. You don't need to be the next Hemingway to create an eBook. In fact, there are many reputable companies which can do the work for you.

So why have an eBook giveaway? Consider these benefits:

Increased Conversion Rate

In the world of online marketing, a conversion is when a recipient performs an action that you want on your site. By offering them a free eBook as an incentive to subscribe or join your website, it increases your conversions.  

Increased Subscriptions

You should have a newsletter that promotes your online business. The more customers who subscribe to your company newsletter the bigger your email list will become (see above!). Visitors to your site who aren't on your mailing list can join when they register to receive their eBook. It's a kind of quid pro quo incentive.

Increased Promotion

If you're plugged into social media (and you should be) then releasing an eBook to your already loyal customers is a great way to generate increased promotion. You can encourage those folks on your network to share the eBook with their friends. If the eBook is engaging and informative then they won't have any problem sharing.

Increased Customer Awareness

An eBook allows you to provide information about top selling products or services and also launch new ones. Just because you have a customer who made a purchase and subscribed to your newsletter doesn't mean they are aware of everything your company does. Let the eBook spread the good news. 

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