Thursday, July 16, 2009

Green Light for Organics Part I

Topping the Pizza

Matthew Von Teichman's wife was expecting, and in a move to introduce a more healthy lifestyle she decided to buy an organic pizza for their supper. They were both largely unimpressed. But this spurred Mr. Teichman, the experienced entrepreneur, onto a new venture to offer people a good range of more than palatable organic food products. Life Choices Natural Foods, which now has expanded across Canada and the U.S., was born.

Now sporting nine product lines that are certified organic, featuring breaded chicken, mac and cheese and the newest one, multigrain perogies; their first product offer was indeed pizza.

Von Teichman notes the organic industry's explosive sales growth rate of 20% recently, compared to that of most non-organic products that only goes up by 1 or 2% per year. This can be attributed to consumers' greater awareness of health-related issues as well as improved access to research on organic science via the internet. Von Teichman sees the interest as being due to people's demand for nutritious foods and their demanding to avoid dangerous substances like chemical residues. The main selling points of organic products, including food, health-care products and vitamins are that they are generally not genetically modified and they don't contain antibiotics, herbicides, hormones, insecticides or pesticides.

Is Organic Truly Better?

Apparently, there is no definitive proof of organic food being more nutritious or healthier than its non-organic counterpart. According to Professor Rena Mendelson of Ryerson University who is also chair of the Canadian Council on Food and Nutrition, a variety of farming conditions makes it difficult to pinpoint the nutritional levels or their sources. But she feels that there is a difference in terms of the impact each type of food has on the environment. A reduction in pesticides would make all farming more organic and put those foods ahead of nonorganic produce in that regard.

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