Friday, March 19, 2010

Dealing With Your Boss

There are many different names in the workplace vernacular for dealing with your boss. But, when your goal is to get the job done well and contribute to your own career advancement, there is only one thing that really matters – know how to be as effective as possible.

As business had become ever so complex over the few decades, so have the management systems and strategies behind them. In the ever-relenting battle of the business world, the need to thrive and survive has created new management sciences virtually uncharted a business generation ago. The traditional flow chart and pyramid have been redesigned, allowing for much greater flexibility but also margin for error.

In days gone by, the boss sat in the corner office nearby or, perhaps, one floor up. It was usually possible to drop in for a chat and get to know the person, as well as the position. In this age of instant global communication, it is quite possible for one's superiors to be located anywhere on the planet. Many times, the ability to interact personally is just unrealistic. How can one be sure that they are on the right track? Perhaps all the hard work is just preparing for a surprise bombshell of dismissal?

If you want to succeed, the responsibility is yours, not the boss. You need to create the conditions. Keep the lines of communication open and learn what the boss wants to hear. Don't be afraid to ask. Many times employees are afraid that the boss is only out to get them when that is far from true. Try to keep abreast of what's happening in your company. Your boss also has a boss. Find out what your boss needs and make the information available. Help develop a solid relationship based on mutual need and trust, not fear. Try to appreciate that the boss is probably busier than you so use time accordingly. When the relationship between the two of you is solid, no matter where you are, each of you can help the other achieve goals.

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