Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Video Series - BOSHnewmedia Communications

BOSHnewmedia Communications - Trademark and Business Referral

Dawn Boshcoff had good foresight to change her career path 10 years ago by studying New Media Journalism and subsequently founding BOSHnewmedia Communications, which provides creative and innovative messages for brands to better position themselves online. Now, with the rise of social media, search engine optimization and other growing online marketing outlets, BOSHnewmedia has positioned itself to be a strong contender in the competitive marketing communications industry.

When Dawn was looking to register a trademark she quickly came across online and, after careful research, she applied for her trademark through the filing services. After finding the process to be easy and worry-free, with great customer service, Dawn continues to refer her clients to for all their business needs. As the saying goes, the best marketing is always word of mouth. Thanks Dawn!

To find out more about BOSHnewmedia Communications, visit her website at www.