Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4 Mistakes That New Bloggers Make When Starting a Blog

With the changes that Google has recently implemented to their search algorithm, content marketing has become the newest buzz word. Instead of driving traffic using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, websites that post a lot of great content on their website are becoming more successful in getting higher rankings.  Having a blog on your website has become one of the best tactics any marketer can use to stand out from the crowd and also attract the attention of search engines.

 Much like a Twitter or Facebook account, a blog is another way to reach out to a vast global audience. Blogs can also lend great support for a business not only to direct new customers to a web store but also provide great content to keep loyal customers coming back for more.

However, just because it is easy to set up a blog doesn’t mean every blog will be a success. Here are some common mistakes that new bloggers make and you should avoid:

Copying Content

There is an abundance of resources available all across the internet to support your blog but that doesn’t mean you should just be cutting and pasting a bunch of articles. You should always strive to have original content.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by an article or video to write a post. In fact, you can even use that post as link on your site. Many search engines want to provide their users with quality content, and they check if the information that you provide isn’t a duplicate from another site. If you’re running a business blog and don’t fancy yourself  good at writing, there are plenty of talented writers who can help create 100% original content for your blog.

Diving In Without Research

To get the most out of a blog you need to do a little research. From a technical standpoint you could literally start a blog within seconds by registering a name on one of the easy blog sites like Wordpress or BlogSpot. Then what?   Find out how a blog works in terms of links, pings, tools and how to drive traffic. You should also be looking for the various blog networks that you can plug your blog into. This will help you spread the good news of your blogging efforts.

Cluttered Layout

A blog is not a scrapbook. Yet, some new bloggers try to crowd as much of the “whiz bang” features onto their blog as possible. Take it slow. Just as you should be researching where your blog should live, you should also research the various templates you have at your disposal for layout options.

Start with what appeals to you. Is it easy to find what you’re looking for on a site? Can you quickly access archive material? Is the font pleasing to view? What’s great about blogs is that the layout designer will also get credit. Look for that credit at the bottom of your favorite blog and use that for a reference for your own blog.

Boring Headlines

A blog is the sum of all its posts. Those posts begin with a strong headline. Consider every time you pick up a magazine or newspaper: Isn’t it the headline which first grabs your attention? That’s what you should aim for with your own blog posts. Asking questions is always a good way to pull a reader into a blog. Keep it simple but make it original.