Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Start-Up Time

The recession is in bloom. People fear for their jobs. The economic future is questionable. It may be the perfect time to start your own business. Though it sounds rather absurd, this may be the ideal time to become self employed. True – self employment is not easy but, in a climate where one is never certain how long they will be guaranteed a regular salary, being your own boss may provide the best security for the present and the future.

Starting your own business carries certain risks. However, by following a basic blueprint, you will start with the right foot forward.

Before all else, prepare a business plan. Put your ideas, thoughts, research, and projections in writing. This will help you review your proposal as well as become an important document for outside investors.

The best idea can fall flat if you can't sell your product or service. Conduct your market research before you hang out your shingle. Carefully identify your potential customers and calculate whether a viable market exists. Don't be shy about seeking advice from more experienced players in the field.

Small businesses can readily get bogged down in government bureaucracy. It is wise to consult with experts who have dealt previously with the red tape.

Prepare a realistic cash flow projection. In the early stages of your business, check your financial statements daily. Consult with seasoned financial professionals to ensure that your projections are on the mark. You should be projecting the first two years in advance.

It may be difficult to raise the initial seed capital for your business. Most likely, friends and relatives will be the best address, as will former entrepreneurs who can appreciate where you are. The banks will likely wait until you are up and running.

Finally, we live in a world dominated by the internet. However, keep in mind that it is merely a technical tool. The success of your business depends on your personal effort and input.

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