Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Avoid Facing Burnout

Burning the candle at both ends. Burning the midnight oil. Burnout.

It's easy to find yourself working extreme hours and putting yourself under a lot of pressure as you get your new business up and running. Even though that hard work might be paying off in terms of your bottom line, that doesn't mean you'll be insulated from suffering burnout. As much focus as you have been pouring into your business you also have to pour into your personal life to avoid facing burnout. Here's how you can avoid the burnout syndrome:

Early Morning Workout

As you dive into your new business, one of the first things that get shot out the window is your health. Don't skimp on the workouts. If you find that the end of the day has you too wiped out than squeeze in an early morning workout. This doesn't have to be a marathon at 4:00 a.m., but just something that will get the blood pumping and allow you to plot out your day. FYI: the morning is the time when our body produces the most testosterone, so it's a good time to get pumping.

Take a Walk at Night

Just as you should fire up your mornings with a workout, you should cool down your day with a night stroll. If you have a dog this is easy and it kills two birds with one stone. Even without the dog, take the time for a leisurely stroll, maybe after dinner. This is the perfect way to decompress after a day of being in demand.

Read Best Sellers

Or any other type of fiction. Give your mind a rest from the pressures of your business by escaping into a good book. Taking in a couple of chapters before falling to sleep each night could actually help your brain shut down and reboot like it does. It can also put you in the mood for sleep if you're not constantly going over in your mind all the stuff related to your business.

Take Up a Hobby

"I don't have time for pottery class!" Make time to try something new that piques your interest. Perhaps there is a hobby you've always wanted to start. Throwing yourself into that kind of project allows for a very Zen-like approach to relaxing. Even if all you're doing is building a jigsaw puzzle, it's still a way to accomplish something that isn't related to your business.

A Real Day Off

The late actor Larry Hagman made it a rule not to talk on Sundays. Literally. Everyone around him knew he wasn't going to be saying a word. For him, that was a way to re-energize for the week to come. You should take one day when there will be no business calls, no business emails, no business meetings. Hopefully, you can do that once a week. Be sure to let your staff know you're off limits!