Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Awesome gifts for the entrepreneur on the go!

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to do some late Christmas shopping. Trying to come up with the right gift for the entrepreneur in your life is difficult as their needs are more practical. Take a look at the list below to help you choose something that your favourite tycoon can appreciate.

A solar-powered electric gadget charger: This is an excellent gift for someone who carries a lot of gadgets – (i.e. iPhone, camera, tablet). So, instead of carrying multiple bulky chargers to charge them while travelling, you can just take one. And it’s all powered by the sun!

The GPS navigator: A great gift for the frequent traveller! They will never get lost on their way to the important business meeting and the best ones can be used for many countries. You should be able to find a good one in electronic retail stores.

Bluetooth headset: With many cities banning talking in cell phones while driving, it makes sense to use a hands-free headset so you can speak on your cellphone while in the car. Not only is it safe, they also look cool. If your favourite entrepreneur lives in their car, make sure they stay safe with this headset.

Smartphones: Regardless if you choose an iPhone, a Samsung, or Blackberry – a smartphone is a great tool for the entrepreneur on the go! They can respond to emails, store files and access the internet while still talking on the phone...This multi-purpose tool is perfect for someone who needs to keep in touch with their business while travelling.

Personal assistant service: A small business owner rarely has any free time between managing their business, making sales calls, dealing with client issues and overseeing employees. It’s no surprise that many of them do not have time to manage their personal affairs such as picking up the dry cleaning, cleaning their house, or groceries... By getting them a personal assistant or concierge you help them with the most valuable commodity – time. With the free time, they can focus on their business.

iPad: One of the most groundbreaking technological gadgets made, Apple has created this for both the business and regular user. Light, powerful and filled with features that the most jaded technologist would love, it’s a great alternative to lugging a heavy laptop. And its compact shape makes it perfect to be used for client presentations and poring over the reports at night in your hotel room.