Monday, January 25, 2010

The Right Staff

Remember the movie, "The Right Stuff?" It depicted the U.S. efforts to find the perfect people for its manned space program. Well, staffing your business requires the same diligence and detail. In order for your business to succeed and grow, your staff should match your needs perfectly.

If you're operating a business, chances are your business will reflect your own personality to a certain degree. After all, you work hard to build an entity and a part of you is in that business. You believe in it! You have the drive and vision to see where this venture should go. Doesn't it make perfect sense that your staff should share the same values as you?

It is important to remember that most people spend the better part of their waking hours at work. Therefore, they expect that their place of employment will be more than merely a source of income. In fact, surveys have been conducted showing that salary levels are only part of most employees' expectations.

Do you share your goals and dreams with your employees? Try letting them see the business as you do. Encourage them to be a part of the essence of the business. The more they believe, the better they will perform.

Also, how do you face your "team?" Do you have a sunny disposition? It's not always easy, especially when problems are on the horizon. But, encouraging a positive attitude goes a long way. Smiles are contagious! In the workplace, a smile makes a person feel good. Feeling good translates into a positive attitude. Positive attitude means productivity.

The bottom line is when employees want to come to work because they enjoy being there, and realize that they truly are important to the success of the business, the result is a business that really has the right stuff.

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