Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Get Customer Referrals to Grow Your Business

Before heading out to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster do you check the reviews? There are certainly plenty of places to read other viewers opinions. The same can be said for any type of service company. On many levels, these "reviews" are actually referrals, at least the positive ones are! 

Businesses depend on customer referrals to keep the sales numbers flowing. How are you doing with collecting customer referrals? Is there room for improvement? Try embracing these insights to help gather customer referrals to grow your business.

Collect LinkedIn endorsements.

Your company should have a LinkedIn page up and running. If so then you'll be able to start collecting endorsements from other professionals who you're networking with. In the grand scheme of things these endorsements might not make or break your company but every little bit helps. A good way to generate endorsements is to give endorsements. Stay active on your page and you should be rewarded in kind.

Ask and you shall receive.

You know it never hurts to ask, right? That applies for so many things in life not the least of which is getting endorsements for your business. If you have some trusted clients who you've established a strong relationship with then reach out to them and ask for an endorsement. Make it easy on them by providing the link to where you want that endorsement to go. Your goal could be as simple as increasing your Facebook likes or getting a written testimonial you can post on your website. Be proactive on your hunt for endorsements and you'll be amazed at what can come rolling back to you.

Sift through the recommendations.

If you do your homework right and the recommendations start flowing your way you'll want to sift through them to make sure they are the right recommendations for your company. This ability to sift through the recommendations works best when you're in control like on your own web page or Facebook account. Just because someone says, "I like them" doesn't mean you have to use that recommendation especially if that is all you get. Without writing them yourself, the recommendations should be thoughtful and specific towards what your company is offering. The more details the better the recommendation.

Spread the word.

Securing a good recommendation is meaningless until you can put it work for you. Every new positive recommendation should be shared with your entire social media network. It should also be included in any email blast that you'll be sending out to new customers.