Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things to Consider When Incorporating Your Business

Incorporating your business in Canada can provide you with a level of protection in terms of liability. It can also show potential investors that you're serious about handling your business in a professional manner. Before you enter into the incorporation process there are many factors you'll want to consider

Will I be able to conduct business throughout the country?

If you make your company a federally incorporated company then you'll be able to conduct business across all of Canada. On the other hand, a corporation who files under OBCA is restricted to doing business in Ontario exclusively, unless it obtains additional licenses. Understand that choosing between a provincial or federal incorporation would depend on the type of business that you run and your vision for the future.

What are all the filing requirements?

As a corporation you'll have to follow the laws of "general application, requiring registration, returns and/or fees" as they apply to each particular province. These requirements are all contained in the CBCA provisions. Additionally, any time there is a change in your corporation you'll need to make necessary filings. There are other restrictions under the Business Names Act which pertains to the name you can select for your company.  

Where can I hold my board of director's meetings?

If you are a federal corporation you can hold those meetings anywhere in Canada. With a provincial corporation those meetings must be held within your province. These requirements should be spelled out in the filing papers.

Filing for incorporation will require you to look ahead to the future of your business. It might seem less costly to do the minimum amount of legal work for a "simple" incorporation application. That approach could come back to haunt you when your business takes off and you look to expand throughout the country. There will be a lot of effort going into your incorporation filing. Make sure you explore all your options to ensure the greater potential for success. In other words, cover all the bases ahead of time and you'll come out on top! 

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