Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tips For Optimizing An Email Marketing Campaign

While it is true that traditional mail advertising circulars are still an effective way to reach a customer base, email marketing can truly take your business global. An affective email marketing campaign can improve your company’s chances of increasing its customer base and bottom line. Most of the email addresses you’ll be using in your marketing campaign could be willing recipients. In other words, these folks have signed up for the information you’ll be sending them. The goal is to optimize that email marketing campaign and insure you’ll be creating a positive experience for those customers. Here’s how you can accomplish that goal:

Reconnect With Existing Leads

While it is important to constantly be on the prowl for new lead generation, it is equally important to stay in positive contact with existing leads. You might have been sending them newsletters or special offers without much feedback. We are quickly developing into a society where everyone gets to share their opinion. Why not invite your leads to share what’s on their mind about your business? Ask them about their own needs in the form of a quick survey. Invite them to check out a new “exclusive” offer and provide their comments. This could also be a way of sorting out who is really a “hot” lead versus a “cold” lead.

Use the Power of the Referral

Positive word of mouth is extremely valuable for any business. You can boost that along by asking your existing customers to refer new business you way. You can entice them with a special offer for every referral they send your way. On some level, this is doubling your email marketing when you can get existing customers to do the work for you!

Share Your Business Story

Everyone has a story. The history of a small business is what gives that company its personality and charm. Sharing the origins of your company’s start-up is an effective way to build up trust and familiarity with your customers. You’re no longer just a “shop around the corner” but instead you’re part of the neighborhood. You’re family. That kind of sharing can generate positive feelings for years to come.

Create a Strong Landing Page Lead Magnet

Just as the title implies, a lead magnet is going to pull new customers to your website with a specific offer or benefit. A lead magnet can be a piece of fresh video content or insightful report used to support your business. It’s all about keeping the content on your landing page fresh. Give your lead something new to view, read or participate in.

Provide a “Sample”

Who doesn’t like to get something for free? Grocery stores recognize this by offering free samples of tasty treats. You can provide the same enticement in the form of a free trial registration or demonstration of your product or service. This is a perfect opportunity to education a new customer base about what your company is offering. Once a new customer has been given a “free sample” they often buy the product for themselves!