Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crazy Business Ideas That Worked

There is no telling where the inspiration for the next great idea will come from. You could dream up a new invention or think about a perfect solution for a problem in your life. Wherever that idea comes from don't be discouraged if anyone thinks it’s crazy. All it takes is that one great crazy idea to launch a career and fill up a bank account.

Here are some examples of crazy ideas that turned into serious cash:

How many times have you thought, "if only I had a nickel for every (fill in the blank)?" Alex Tew took that concept and turned it into an advertising bonanza. He set up a webpage which was a kind of virtual click-through billboard. There were 1,000,000 available pixels on the page that he was selling for $1 a pop. It took him just over a year to reach his target goal. The billboard is still up and drawing new visitors every day. Not bad for a crazy idea.

If there is one thing folks love to do it is pamper their pets. When Roni Di Lullo noticed her dog squinting up at bright sunlight she thought he might benefit from the same item she used: sunglasses. All it took was a little product development experimentation and Doggles were born. So was another million-dollar business.

Speaking of dogs, there is always a daily cleanup that occurs when you've got a pup around the house. Well, it's supposed to be a daily cleanup. In some cases, folks let their dogs do their "business" in the backyard and hope that it will somehow disappear. It won't. That's good news for Matthew Osborn who created a company that offers full service dog poo removal services. That local homegrown business turned into a national franchise which is now the largest pet waste removal company in America.

Throughout history, monks have been known for their studious nature. It seems as though every monastery has their own cottage industry used to raise money for the poor and for the upkeep of the brothers. Back in 2002, Father Bernard McCoy was shopping around for cheap printer ink and decided to make his own from recycled cartridges. Thus it was that Lasermonks was born. From first year earnings of $2,000 the company has gone on to make over $4 million annually. Not bad for some reused ink.

So what is your crazy idea? Maybe it's not that crazy after all.