Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How Mobile is Driving e-Commerce in the Future

Back in the sixties, the popular sci-fi series "Star Trek" showed us the way with its handheld communicator. This device allowed crew members to talk with their shipmates at very long distances.
They were also able to use that same device to tap into the vast resources of their super computer. Flash ahead to today and that bit of fantasy has become a reality.

We all have the ability to carry a super computer in the palm of our hands. We can look up information, check out the weather, get directions, stay in touch with friends and go shopping. In fact, mobile technology is going to be a leading factor that will drive e-commerce to further successful heights in the coming year.

Here's why the mobile device is having an impact on e-commerce:

     Multiple devices and platforms increase brand visibility

Each year cyber shopping is carving out a larger portion of the retail pie with no signs of it letting up. It's not just the cell phone that is driving e-commerce but also the pad or tablet device. With iPad leading the charge shoppers are happy to download apps from their favorite stores and sign up for Twitter promotions and special offers. For the online brand, this means developing a web portal that can cross over on many platforms. You shouldn't limit yourself to just one device and stay competitive.
       Easy access for the consumer at all times

A major benefit that mobile users enjoy is the instant access to ordering a product online. Mobile apps have improved so much that they are considered the best friends of today’s users. The apps that are preferred are those that make it easier to find products and services on your cellphone and purchase the products. Consumers can download apps which let them scan bar codes to find the best bargain. If it happens that your website is selling that item at a better price then a few clicks later could have you closing a sale.

      Rising mobile demand

As smartphones are becoming cheaper and more powerful, their adoption is rising. In the US alone, web-enabled smartphone purchases have 46% of the cellphone market. Thus, the market for e-commerce consumers via mobile platforms is ever expanding. With the expansion, there is a logical increase in the use of cellphones for e-commerce.  

Improvements in technology are helping businesses and customers shop and it's only going to get better. Case in point: The Shazam app. Once downloaded, you can activate Shazam to "tag" any song playing on the radio or TV. That song becomes part of a virtual shopping list that is tied directly to iTunes. Hear it, tag it, buy it.

The mobile shopping experience doesn't get any better than that!