Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are Smartphones Good For Your Business?

It’s not a stretch to consider that the development of any form of technology can be distilled down to two goals: for fun or for profit. Fun technology are all the gizmos, gadgets and electronics we surround ourselves with to be entertained and communicate. We don’t really need to send out a tweet of the meal we’re having but it’s fun! On the other end of the technology spectrum are all the practical applications for businesses. This would include all the innovations meant to increase productivity and profitability. There is where smartphone technology plays a key role. Can you run your business off your smartphone? Although it really depends on the nature of the business but the answer is yes; you can actually accomplish many important tasks right from the smartphone you hold in the palm of your hand.

One of the most important aspects of new smartphone technology is the ability to bring the power of the internet with you wherever you go. In some instances, uploading a webpage on your smartphone could be quicker than your laptop. This matters for businesses that maintain an internet presence with a company website. It allows managers and other staff members to instantly access their company’s website for status/sales updates. This powerful connectivity also allows companies to keep a watchful eye on financial markets all around the globe with immediate updates delivered by text.

There was a time when businesses were driven exclusively by paper. Contracts, sales orders, receipts and inter office communication was all printed out and delivered by hand. Nowadays that has all changed with the vast majority of companies conducting their communications and contract negotiation electronically. A smartphone provides the user with complete access to all of these documents and communications. It also allows for instant messaging for a quick answer to a business question.

Even though there are such things as electronic signatures, the need to sign “hard copies” is still required. Here the smartphone can bridge the gap by allowing any document to not only be reviewed but also to be printed out. This can be accomplished by docking the device or sending out the print request via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Smartphone technology also allows for complete backups of all information. What is read on a smartphone will also be available on a laptop, pad or computer thanks to iCloud downloads. Additionally, there is the matter of keeping track of your business. Your smartphone can store all important contacts and provide reminders for upcoming appointments. There are also apps which offer assistance in bookkeeping, payroll management and budgeting. Even a small business that sells products can use a credit card swipe attachment on the smartphone to accept payments.

With all of these smartphone innovations, businesses are finding it easier to stay in touch and get instant access to pertinent information. Because this technology is making businesses run smoother, it gives time for everyone to get back to having fun!