Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top 3 Affiliate Niches For the Home Entrepreneur

Affiliate marketing enables website owners to profit from advertising other products and services on their own website. Users visit the website, click through on an affiliate ad and subsequently make a purchase can provide the website owners with a percentage of that sale or a commission for the affiliate based on click throughs.

Finding a profitable niche market is important to becoming successful in online marketing for the entrepreneur at home.  Choosing the right niche will determine what kinds of affiliate products you will be offering and the type of website that you will be creating.  When picking a desirable niche that will work for you, consider the following:

How strong is the competition?  You don’t want to play against high-trafficked websites as you won’t be able to keep up especially if your marketing budget is non-existent. 

Can you make good money?  If your profit margins are less than 30% per sale, don’t bother selling the product. Remember, affiliate marketing should be treated like a business, so make a business plan to determine if your ROI is worth the time.

Can you stand out and be unique? With the thousands of websites out there, you have to be unique to stand out. Either through great content or unique services, make sure that that your prospect remembers you positively.

It also can help to be passionate about the niche you choose, especially when you’re just starting out.  It’s usually harder to stay motivated when you don’t care much about a topic, so being interested in what you’re selling can help to earn you more money.

Here are some of the top affiliate niches for you to develop as an online entrepreneur.

Personal Finances

Everyone wants to make money or save money. Your niche business can tap into those desires. You will be showing others how they can save money or start a business. In doing so, you should strive to present honest and valuable information – from interviews to researched articles.   

When it come to saving money, there are many topics you can tap into including reducing debt, finding the right car loan, budget planning or retirement savings. If you can focus on any one of those single areas with helpful product you'll be ahead of the game. As an affiliate business, you can offer products such as eBooks or newsletters. There is certainly an abundant array of those products to choose from in the financial niche market.

Self-Help Topics

This niche can cover a broad spectrum of topics. You should try to focus on one popular area such as organization, self-improvement, relationships or motivation for success. Within those areas you'll be able to utilize the material offered for sale by many reputable life coaches or self-help gurus who have already achieved a level of success and notoriety.

Added into the variety of written information, you could also offer podcasts and videos as part of a complete program of self-help. There are even live webinars where you can direct visitors towards. Everything you offer spins back to the idea of you making money for the click throughs. When you can pull a visitor to your self-help site and get them to buy a book about online dating tips or attend a webinar about finding success then you'll be making money.

Weight Loss

People are always trying to lose weight or getting in shape. And for many people, the quicker they lose weight, the better it is for them. Which is why losing weight is such a profitable niche for a lot of affiliates, as everyone is always looking for a quick fix. You can create a quick website that promotes eBooks on dieting, supplementation, gaining muscle or even sports performance.

The advantages of affiliate marketing are many, where you can generate passive income that will pay out over time without having to hold any products. 

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