Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Best Business Opportunities For 2013

When it comes to starting up a new business there are two basic categories: Those you can get rolling right away or those that need years and expertise to build. For instance, starting up a biotech type of company will require a lot of investment and plenty of PhDs. On the other hand investing in a franchise could be as simple as coming up with the down payment for the business. Looking towards the coming year, here are the top 5 business opportunities for 2013. And yes, these could all be considered "quick start" companies.

Transportation for the Elderly

There is no escaping the fact that the baby boomer generation has grown up and are all heading into retirement. As the population ages, there will be an increased need to provide senior care. This type of specialized care will come in many forms but one thing is for certain; all of those seniors will need a safe and dependable way to get where they need to go. Folks of a certain age or infirmity may no longer be able to drive or take public transportation. An affordable door-to-door driving service can hold a lot of appeal to these seniors and their families. You might have the opportunity to buy into an existing business or start out with a couple of vans, certified drivers and insurance. Either way this is a business opportunity that is destined to expand in the coming years.

Bike Repair and Rental

As folks become more environmentally aware, they will be looking for eco-friendly ways to conduct their daily routines. One way would be to take an alternative method of transportation such as riding a bike. Many cities are helping support these endeavor by providing bike-parking zones. A business that can rent bikes would also be attracted especially in areas where there are tourists. Making simple bike repairs is also a lot easier to learn than fixing a car. This is also a perfect community business which can build a strong customer base in a neighborhood.

General Contractor

If you like working with your hands then you might be quite adept at fixing things. As the economy shows signs of improvements folks will be in the mood for a home makeover. Whether it's a new kitchen or bathroom or converting a garage into a spare bedroom there will be workers to supervise, permits to obtain and materials to purchase. This is the type of business that requires a bit more hustle but you won't be confined to an office.

Home Health Care

Like transportation for seniors, there is also a need for in-home care for the elderly. Being able to provide that kind of service with a staff of certified employees would be of a great benefit to the community. It would also provide decent job security because the demand will always be there. This is also another area where you could receive support from the government in terms of payments and guidelines.

Pet Care

Pet care is a multi-billion dollar industry. Dog and cat owners alike will think nothing of pampering their four-legged friends. A business that offers daily care such as dog walks or cat feeding will bring peace of mind to the owners of those companions. This is a low overhead business as most of the work will be done on location. All you really need to focus on is marketing, bookkeeping and staffing. 

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