Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The 4 business KPIs your new business should be tracking



Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurable values that you use to track and manage the progress of your business objectives or goals. Like other forms of communication within your business, KPIs should be clear and provide relevant information that is easy to absorb and put into action. Continue reading below to find out the top 4 KPIs you should be tracking in your new business.

1.  Gross Profit

The gross profit metric measures the profitability of your business. It tells you the percentage of sales revenue remaining after deducting the costs of production and is typically expressed as a percentage. Not only does a high gross profit indicate that your business is producing profits that exceed your costs, it also shows that your business has efficient processes and effective operations in place. The average gross profit margin should be least 10%, however, you should note that gross profit margins vary by business model and industry. If you are within or exceed your industry average, then you can expect to be on an upwards trend.

2.  Customer Acquisition Cost

Do you know the costs of getting a new customer or client? One of the biggest causes of failure for startups is underestimating the costs associated with acquiring new customers. Your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) takes into account all of the sales and marketing costs spent at one-time to acquire new customers. While in the early stages of your business you may overlook this KPI, it’s a very important metric to keep track of as your business grows and expands. 

3.  Return on Advertising Spending

The Return on Advertising Spending metric will show you how effective your marketing strategies are. In order to find your return on advertising you will divide the amount of sales made from the amount spent. Example: If you spend $20,000 on advertising which resulted in $40,000 of sales, then your return on advertising is $2. That means that you made $2 for every dollar that you’ve spent.The best way to maximize your return on advertising spending is understand your audience and focus your marketing strategies on where they are on-line and off-line.

4.  Conversion Rate

This is a metric that measures how many of your visitors are converting into customers. For an example, If you have an on-line store — you can measure the conversion rate by dividing the number of people that made a purchase by how many new people visited your store. If you have 500 purchases and 10,000 unique visitors in a month, your conversation rate is 5%.

KPIs help you keep track of progress in all areas of your business from operations to marketing and help your reach your goals faster. In order to determine your KPIs, you should consider your organization’s objectives, how you plan to achieve them, and who is responsible for implementation. This should be a collaborative process to ensure that everyone understands the direction your business is heading in.

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