Tuesday, September 15, 2020

How To Emerge As A Successful New Entrepreneur During A Global Pandemic



Across the globe, nations are reopening the economies after the initial wave of shutdowns to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic has been a “black swan” disruption event for global economies - forcing business owners to reevaluate how they manage, lead, and drive change in a crisis.

As businesses slowly begin to reopen their doors and start welcoming customers back, a new class of pandemic-hardened entrepreneurs is emerging from the dust. As some business owners focus on how to help their firms and companies recover from a market-shifting shutdown, real entrepreneurs are putting in the time to develop the skills necessary to emerge more successful and competitive than ever.

The Pandemic-Led Entrepreneurial Advantage

Common sense would try and tell you that events such as a global pandemic would be a death sentence for most entrepreneurs. Yet history has shown us that creative and crafty entrepreneurs can pivot and adapt to the winds of change even during the worst economic moments.

The pandemic has already altered the market landscape forever. But for those who have been paying close attention to consumer trends, the landscape has already been in flux. In business operations, three significant elements have been driving businesses forward:

     Seismic Shifts in Market Globalization

     The Increase Of Knowledge Work

     Increased Technology Solutions For Automation

Simultaneously, consumer demographic behaviors are also changing, as Millenials and Gen Z continues to emerge into yet another financial upheaval in their history. As an entrepreneur and business owner, these consumers will be looking for companies to support that have their interests at heart. 

With these ideas in mind, here are four tips for emerging from the pandemic as an entrepreneur with a competitive edge:

Locate & Dominate A New Market

The shutdown of the entire economy has thrown the whole system into disarray. Companies that were thriving on December 31, 2019, may no longer hold influence in September 2020. Many of those market leaders may no longer exist, as the virus has quickly snuffed out their business.

As an entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to rise in the place of companies or brands that have lost their control on a particular market. See a need that others are failing to meet? Step up and create a solution, and you will quickly take your place as an industry leader in no time.

Increase Your Brand’s Reputation

When it comes to successful branding, there is always a bit of mystery involved in going viral. However, the pandemic economy has created the perfect conditions for rising above the noise of other brands struggling to adapt.

Take the time to build your brand’s reputation during this short period of pause, and when the world reemerges, you will find yourself ready to invite new customers into your business. Start creating connections with clients now, and you can watch your brand recognition soar post-pandemic.

Introduce A New Technological Solution

Have you had a great idea in your incubator, but no chance to introduce it to the world? The pandemic has allowed many entrepreneurs an empty stage for introducing their next great technological solution. Disruptions such as global pandemics can help bring to light solutions to problems that have only recently arrived. Consider the popularity of ride-sharing-turned-food-delivery.

By merely switching services to adapt to the changing market need, an entrepreneur can create a winning product where no opportunity was before. Get creative - the most world-changing technological advances were birthed from economic shutdowns!

Boost Customer Loyalty

As the market changes, one element remains the same: customer loyalty and appreciation hold an incredibly influential business dynamic. As unrest and public health continue to fill 24/7 news headlines, consumers are looking for ways to find hope in a chaotic world.

As an entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to bring influence to the consumer marketplace with ideas that not only generate needed products and services but positively engage with social issues. Consumers who see that a business or brand is taking a stand for the greater good are willing to pay a higher premium to be aligned with those services.

A great way to find an edge in the pandemic economy is to invest in customer loyalty through creative initiatives and community engagement. Find unique opportunities to serve those who are helping others, and invite your customers to join you for the journey. You will soon see the rewards that come from being an entrepreneur concerned with more than the bottom line.

Become A Post-Pandemic Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs will be slow to start a new venture or increase their current business operations during a difficult economic moment. However, those willing to boldly step out in new ways and grasp opportunities as they arise will find a post-pandemic market ripe for harvest.

The future of the global economy is as unknown as the coronavirus itself. Nobody is quite sure what business methods of the past will fade with the virus, and what innovations will lead the way in the new market. For those who are ready to turn difficulty into opportunity, the changes wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic will provide limitless chances for entrepreneurial success. Will you rise to the occasion?

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