Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some Startup Business Ideas For 2013

Where is the next great startup business idea coming from? It might already be out there waiting to be plucked off the internet and put into practical use. Always remember that in business there isn't really just "one thing."

Consider your own neighborhood. How many dry cleaners are there? How many nail salons? How many restaurants?

Businesses offering the same goods and services can coexist. What makes your business successful is how you innovate and market. Since more and more folks are turning to smartphones and tablets for daily use, you could find a sweet spot developing a product or website to fit the needs of all those potential users. If you're looking for an idea for a startup business consider these hot concepts:

Neighborhood Social Networks

Yes, everyone is on Facebook but that doesn't mean everyone is "connected" in real world terms. When it comes to social networking, staying local could be a big benefit. Developing a social hub for various communities could turn into a broader venture. Just keep it in the community.

Social Network Address Book

Speaking of social networks, there doesn't seem to be a decent address book that works across several platforms. Yes, every Smartphone has a version of an address book but supposed you want to organize all your online social contacts in separate categories? Where is the app for that?

The Next Great App

There is always room for a new great app. What about a digital business card or a digital customer loyalty card? If there was a way to scan those types of items and share them with other Smartphone users it could be a big plus to many businesses and reps.

A New Kind of Craigslist

So far, Craigslist has cornered the market when it comes to internet classifieds. Is there a better version? Perhaps something that isn't so cluttered? Maybe one that focuses more on trade than personals? Worth thinking about.

Group Shopping

Many fans of shopping like to do so with friends. What if you could go online shopping with your BFF? That could be a huge game changer for a smart ecommerce site.

Photo Sharing

There are many popular photo-sharing sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Flickr. Is there room for more? When you think about the amount of pictures being shared today then the answer is "yes." The hook would be to come up with that tool or "cool factor" that the other sites are lacking.

If you've started up a new business this year, let us know. We'd be happy to share the good news! 

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