Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is Alternative Lending a Good Option for Your Business?

Every business needs working cash. What if you need to get that cash before you open your doors? Suppose you need extra capital to expand your business? There was a time when the only game in town was to go to a bank to secure a business loans. However, with the roller-coaster ride that is the economy, banks have grown skittish when it comes to lending. Luckily, there are alternative lending options available. 

Can your business benefit from these?

The Alternative Lenders

There are various types of alternative lenders that you can research to see who might be a good fit for your company. Depending on your credit history and earning potential, your selections might be narrowed down but that doesn't mean you can't ask. 

Here are some alternative lenders to consider:

Credit Unions: A credit union is controlled by its members. It's also a not-for-profit type of institution so you are sure to get some decent rates. You'll find credit unions based out of your community and supported by various trades people, thus the "union" part of the credit union.

Micro Lenders: These are organizations that are charged with lending funds to economically disadvantaged communities. The goal is to spur business and you might be able to ride that wave into some serious cash flow.

Factors Lenders: Sometimes referred to as Accounts Receivable Lenders, these are alternative lenders who buy up a business's accounts receivable and provides a kind of cash advance to the company. You still have to stay in business and pay back the loan but it's a good way to get quick funds.

The Advantages of Alternative Lending

One of the biggest advantages of alternative lending is the flexibility. Unlike the mountains of paperwork and guidelines you have to follow with a big bank, an alternative lender will often have a streamline process for putting money into your account. They strive to make things less complicated.

Getting approved quickly is another benefit. You won't be wasting time with alternative lenders and that can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your business up and running. Best of all, alternative lending is a smart way to go when you consider the minimal risk. Often you won't have to put up collateral so no need to take out a mortgage on your home. Shop around and see what alternative lending sources can do for your business. 

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