Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Corporate Annual Returns – What You Need to Know

Just one of the many responsibilities that an incorporated company faces is making sure the annual return is done properly and submitted on time to keep your corporation in good standing. The annual return is separate from your tax return – it is provided by corporations to keep the government informed on any internal changes made during the previous fiscal year. 

The costs and timeline for filing your annual return is dependent upon the jurisdiction of incorporation.

The purpose of the return is to update your corporate records, which can include:

  • name of corporation
  • registered office address
  • corporation number
  • financial year end
  • description of type of business
  • registered office
  • corporate directors
  • date of last annual meeting

If a corporation does not file its annual return within the time frame allowed (or at all), penalty fees can be applied. If said corporation repeatedly fails to file its return (generally for two consecutive years) the government department or agency in the corporation’s jurisdiction can remove the corporation from government records.

For not-for-profit corporate returns, every registered charity must file an annual information return within 6 months after the end of the charity’s fiscal year.

Similar to the corporate annual return, the annual information return for charities provides the government up to date information on the charity’s records.  However, the annual information return also requires more in-depth reporting on financial information including financial position, compensation, non-cash gifts, assets, liabilities, revenues and expenditures.  

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