Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Advantages of Co-working Space for Startups

Where should you develop your startup company? Should it be in a traditional office? In a loft or garage? Or at home? The choices are numerous.

We all require the social interactions and energy that an office can bring us, however many start-ups simply don't have the budget to rent out office space. But there is another option.

With an eye on their wallets, many startups are turning to co-working spaces to develop their companies.  These offices allow freelance contractors, micro-businesses and startups to share an office, with fully functioning conference rooms, photocopiers, and most importantly access to other entrepreneurs and peers.

For contractors and startups, co-working can provide a great opportunity to work with peers, develop a support network, have office space to show off during sales meetings, and all without the cost of a more expensive lease.

Here are some advantages to a co-working space for your startup:

1. Saving your money.

It can be costly to rent an office for a new startup – especially if you’re bootstrapping. You not only have to account for the rent but all the utilities and extras that you will need as well.  This can take a large bite out of your company’s budget. 

 Co-working office spaces reduce your need to sign an expensive lease or buy office equipment, such as photocopiers and fax machines, as they are shared at a fraction of the price.  Rent is cheaper too, as you will be sharing the cost between all of your co-workers.

 2. Networking, collaborating, and making friends.

The most praised benefit of a co-working space is the ability to network and build strong relationships with the people you work alongside. You will learn about your co-workers’ background and skills, sharing business experiences and even new ideas. 

Working with other entrepreneurs and freelancers will put you in proximity with individuals who could help your business. You could meet new clients, prospective investors, or you could even meet your next partner.  

3. Creative collaboration and problem solving.

You will be working side-by-side with a broad group of entrepreneurs in the office. If you ever have a challenging problem that you can’t solve, you can easily have a conversation with someone who may have faced the same issue.

You can discuss your ideas with others who have different skillsets and possibly can provide you with an alternative view. The combination of different experiences, approaches and personalities often provide new ideas and solutions that you simply couldn't have come up with on your own.   


  1. When you want to start your business then co-working space is very beneficial because of co-working space helps to save your money. Thanks for excellent write up!

  2. I think that creative collaboration and problem solving are extremely important. This is an excellent write up. Thank you for sharing. This was extremely informative.


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