Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Video Series - Belvada Cosmetics

Belvada Cosmetics - Trademark Registration and Document Filing


Belvada Cosmetics is known for its innovative and creative product development in the cosmetics industry, and prides itself on using advancements in technology to improve consumer experience with cosmetic purchase and use. For instance, Belvada has designed a revolutionary one-handed mascara wand making it easier for women on-the-go to apply to their lashes anytime and anywhere.
Belvada has grown considerably since it was founded in Canada, expanding into the US and UK markets but the company still uses to register trademarks for all their product designs. With the paperwork in’s hands,  Belvada can continue to focus on coming up with new ideas and designs to improve make up use for women, knowing that their trademark registrations are being taken care of quickly and efficiently.
Watch the video above to find out more about Belvada and services!
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