Thursday, April 12, 2012

Small Business Focus – Shift Space Inc. was established to help entrepreneurs and small business owners get their government and administrative filing done quickly and efficiently so that they have the time and energy to focus on growing their business. Over the years we've incorporated thousands of new businesses and have had a chance to watch them flourish and grow. Here is just one example of two entrepreneurs that incorporated their business with and have found great success with their company.

Shift Space Inc. is a Montreal- based communications company that gives people from various backgrounds the tools to communicate differently and effectively by providing workshops and services for individual and corporate development. Shift Space wants to focus on bridging the gap between the artistic and corporate worlds by teaching their clients new and creative forms of communication.

Shift Space was started 15 years ago by Lisa Kagan and Liz Valdez. They had been working at the local universities in Montreal, using their theatre-based training tools to help students develop their own communication skills.  Lisa recalls that their decision to go into business together was an easy one to make: “One day I just woke up and said ‘Liz – it’s time.’” After over 20 years of friendship the two women take a leap of faith, leave their jobs, and go off on their own path. And they haven’t stopped since.

Over time, Shift Space has grown from not only providing workshops and training sessions, but also by sharing a networking centre, bringing together groups from various communities, businesses, and fields. From this, Lisa and Liz are seeing new relationships growing in unexpected ways - musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, professionals and students are coming together to better human interaction and communication.

Much of what makes Shift Space so successful is the actual space it inhabits. An open and fluid area conveniently located in downtown Montreal, the “blank slate” space is designed to satisfy the needs of anyone using it, whether it be artists or professionals – or both!  Shift Space is continuously offering exciting programs and workshops targeted to anyone who wants to improve their communication skills in a new way. With their Montreal presence established, Lisa and Liz say that they are happy to travel to provide their services to those that can’t come to them.  They are striving towards setting the standard internationally for communication-based training – and they are well on their way.

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