Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Video Series - PatsyPie Trademark

PatsyPie - Trademark Application Filing Services

PatsyPie is a bakery specializing in gluten-free products such as cookies, brownies and biscotti. Started as a home business in St. Laurent, Quebec by Pat Libling, PatsyPie has grown tremendously, with products now being sold across Canada.

PatsyPie was started because Pat herself is celiac. Over the years Pat has tried practically every gluten-free product on the market but found that none of the products measured up to the quality and taste of regular baked goods. So Pat set out to perfect her gluten-free recipes and once she did, she was in business!

For Pat, finding a creative and original name for her company was easy - PatsyPie is a nickname her husband gave her years ago. As PatsyPie started to become a successful business, Pat knew she needed to protect her company name and logo, so she turned to to register her Trademark.

Check out Pat's story in the video above and for more information on PatsyPie gluten-free baked goods, please visit the website at!

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