Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why people become entrepreneurs

You’re frustrated, tired and stressed. You’ve realized that your boss is only interested in squeezing more work out of you and that your career prospects in the company are almost nil. You have always dreamed about making it on your own and taking control of your destiny – your own success and failure.

You’re not alone! There are thousands of others who have decided to take the plunge towards entrepreneurship, and in these times of uncertainty more and more people have also decided to take matters in their own hands.

Here are a few more reasons why people decide to become business owners:

1. Becoming financially independent

Although a majority of new businesses fail within the first three years, those that succeed can become very profitable. Starting your business is the first step towards gaining financial independence and achieving the security that you want. Being an entrepreneur allows you to get an income stream that is dependent on your efforts and not on the whims of others.

2. Better career prospects

Sometimes people become frustrated as they feel that their career path is not going the way they want. By starting their own business they’ve decided to take control of their personal and career goals. Alternatively, sometimes entrepreneurs see a better way of doing things in their industry and act on it, providing much needed innovation that is lacking.

3. Looking for personal achievement

There are those who are interested in setting big challenges and striving towards it. These entrepreneurs are goal-oriented and gain satisfaction from accomplishing big things. This is a common trait amongst many entrepreneurs – especially motivated by risking everything on their ideas and overcoming big challenges.

4. Pursuing their own ideas

Certain people see opportunities in areas that are often missed by others -entrepreneurs can see new markets, create new products or improve upon a service. Whatever the reason is, the opportunity to innovate and create is what drives them. Their satisfaction comes from the successful creation of a business and validation of their ideas by the market.

Even though entrepreneurs work more hours, have higher stress and sometimes lower pay than non-entrepreneurs, many have a greater feeling of satisfaction in their work. There are many reasons for starting a business, but a true entrepreneur is someone who gets excited by setting big challenges and works towards overcoming them. Also, the act of building a lasting company is a validation of their ideas, and they gain a deep sense of pride from its successful implementation. So if you’re ready to jump in to the chaotic world of entrepreneurship, know that you’re part of the few that are willing to take charge of their destiny.

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