Monday, October 12, 2009

Advertising Advice for Small Businesses

Undoubtedly, you will invest a good deal of time spreading the word about your new business. However, business requires a degree of volume. Therefore, advertising is a necessity. There are a variety of ways to advertise your new business, beyond merely speaking to people.

Even in this age of the Internet, many people still open the Yellow Pages when looking for a business. Of course, remember that the more visible your ad, the better your chance of being seen.

Newspaper ads are not just the realm of the major players. Your business will begin its path from a local market and local newspapers are the economical and effective way to attract a customer base. Don't forget to have an advertisement prepared professionally. An amateur look could harm your professional image.

A new business should avoid costly telemarketing. On the other hand, direct mail may serve you well as you can choose exactly which geographic audience you are seeking.

Do you have a supply of eye-catching business cards? Each card is a miniature advertisement. Give them out freely to whomever you meet. Also, you may want to enlarge your card and prepare a sign to stick to your car. Remember, it is hard to say that you can advertise too much.

Of course, budgets do factor into advertising. The size of your advertising budget will determine how much you can allow yourself.

Be sure to get around to trade shows. Networking at shows and conventions is a very effective way to make contacts and get known "in the business."

If you can afford it, local cable television advertising and radio spots may work for you. Similarly, sponsorship of local events in your community will earn you positive recognition.

Be creative and continually seek new and creative ways to advertise your business. It doesn't always require a large budget to market your business. Do what's best suited for your budget and be persistent.

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