Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Pick of Professionals

While some companies coast-to-coast have been downsizing as a reaction to the slump in the national, and ultimately global, economy, others have found that this is the ideal time to recruit professionals at senior and executive levels. In essence, some companies have realized that this is the time to turn the economic downturn to their advantage.

A large number of highly qualified people are ready and able to work. Through no fault of their own, they have been laid off, as companies have had to make extremely hard decisions in order to maintain a balanced budget in challenging financial times. The result is a deficit in cash but a surplus in talent. Thus, CEO's with a sharp eye are using this opportunity to shop for top talent that can ultimately add to their corporate team.

Not only are recently dismissed professionals available to work. Companies are unabashedly recruiting top talent from the active workforce, seizing the opportunity to woo top-tier professionals to their management teams. In this new era where job security is rapidly becoming near extinct, top executives are open to offers.

As Canada is rapidly emerging from the recession, companies with an eye to the future are adding talent to their teams in order to strengthen their corporate positions. An impressive list of available talent is ready and able. Similarly, not only has active recruiting become the order of the day. Whereas companies had difficulty soliciting top level resumes as little as two years ago, today those same companies are able to take their pick of qualified applicants. Similarly, the wide variety of available talent has afforded companies the opportunity to add new skills to their management teams.

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