Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's All in the Cards

Believe it or not, there more to a business card than meets the eye. In the highly competitive market of job searching, a custom designed and creative business card can make the difference between obtaining an interview or just becoming another face in the crowd.

Many people prepare business cards containing personal information and nothing more. However, when your goal is to be noticed, presenting a unique calling card may be just what is needed to get you noticed.

Potential employers are continually approached by job seekers. In today's recession, the numbers are with the employer. They can take their pick from a large number of qualified applicants. Therefore, it is imperative to make a noticeable first impression.

A standout business card should quickly and effectively communicate who you are and what you can contribute to an organization. The first glance should grab the reader's attention. A tag line or several bullets will get your message across. Don't restrict yourself to one colour. The human eye is attracted to differences so choose a different colour ink to highlight the key points.

Many people forget that a business card is two sided. Quite often, a potential employer will use the back side of the card to jot down notes about the person he has met. Be one step ahead and print a mini-resume on the back. But, don't make it too busy. If the letters are too small, no one will read it.

Think carefully about the look of your business card. Don't cut corners by preparing it at home. The card should be printed on a proper card stock and cut by machine. Maintaining a professional look is crucial. Nothing could harm you more than a well prepared card that has an at-home, arts and crafts look to it.

Look is important but so is size. Most business cards are standard size. Cards that are shaped differently or are too large may be noticed but may also be discarded, as they will not fit into standard card holders.

Investing some thought, time, and money in your business card may be the right step in securing your next job.

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